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MG MGB Technical - Correct Dimmer?

Did the 67 BGT have a floor mounted Dimmer or a column monted one?
Bruce Cunha

Metal dash 67 MGB and GT has a floor mounted dimmer. Later models in North America were column mounted.
Jim Lema

Thanks Jim. My MK1 GT is a very late 67 steel dash but I can't see that it ever had a floor mounted dimmer. 1) Could have been taken out by the PO or 2) it is close enought to the MK II that they put the column mounted in it? Clausager says all MK 1's had floor mounted.

I may have to get advice on where it goes

Bruce Cunha

Bruce - If you pull the carpeting back on the left side of the clutch pedal at about the position you would expect the dimmer switch to be, Yu should find the two screw holes for the switch. As I remember, they have nuts welded ont he back side of the floor (2BA threads). Good luck - Dave
David DuBois

US spec cars changed from floor mounted dip-switch to column mounted for the 68 model year (first of the MkIIs), which began in Dec 67 with chassis number 138401 (roadster) and 139471 (GT). However it was always the case that some changes could occur *before* the official date if they ran out of the old stock. Depends whether yours doesn't have one at all (PO took out a failed unit and never replaced it) or it has the later column mounted unit, which could still be a PO change.
Paul Hunt

My car is only a few numbers from 1968 and it has a metal dash and the MkI column. It is not likely that you have a 68 column and a 67 metal dash. The 68 column is a wide safety column that will not fit the narrow slot in the MkI dash. There should be a single lead from the headlight switch that went to the dimmer. There are two leads out of the dimmer to the headlights. Maybe the PO changed out the dimmer for a different type of switch or it is under the carpet.
Jim Lema

No holes that I can find down there. Even the carpet and side panel do not appear to have any bolt holes in them.

I found two holes in the hard fiberous plate under the firwall carpet piece that would appear to be about the right size and place for a dimmer, but the carpet does not have holes in it.

I will check the column switch and see what the wiring is coming off of it. Should be able to comepare this to a wiring diagram.

I know the steering column is out of a newer car I found the original in the back when I got the car and the one in it has a different size spline. It also has a early 70's steering wheel.

The column cover looks stock 67.

Jim, what's you number. My GT is 137553 Which appears to be around 242 from the end of the MK 1's
Bruce Cunha

OK, Found the mounting location. There was carpet patting over them.

Current steering column turn signal switch does pull back. Is this a high beam flasher or is this a dimmer?
Bruce Cunha

Column dipswitch has three positions, forward = high, back = low, further back, springloaded = flash high. Seems to me we used to get column mounted UK switches to replace the floor mounted dipswitch used on US cars, but it's been a long time. Also, they had metal TS cancel fingers rather than the plastic ones in the US switch, which broke a lot.
FR Millmore

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