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MG MGB Technical - Cost of replacing clutch

mg specialistst joined - looks like a great site!

The clutch on my 74 BGT needs replacing and have been quoted
M Parnell

A friend of mine in PA had his done about a year ago and it ran him $600. But this was just at a small Mom & Pop auto shop.

BTW this is a great site. There are a lot that really know what they are doing here.

I would have been lost many time the last few years if it wasn't for the help I receive here.

Bob Fowler

That's possibly a bit steep. changing the clutch in a B involves pulling out the engine, and often the gearbox as well depending on preference. Doing that is probably a full day's work, but I'd think most mechanics would be able to change the clutch without too much of a problem, so it might be worth shopping around.

Have a look at this Miles. This will solve your problem.
Iain MacKIntosh


One thing to consider is to replace your clutch friction disc with one for a TR7, while retaining a stock pressure plate. The TR7 disc will give you about 25% more contact area for good clutch lockup, and the standard pressure plate provides lower pedal pressure that a high performance plate and it gives a smooth engagement.

CB 74 GT. Fitting an 8.5" plate reduces the grip - lbs grip of cover per sq"of lining. Remove engine only, remove carbs manifolds etc & tie back exhaust manifold. remove rad & cooler & hoses as a unit. Leave starter on motor. the whole job on a 74 GT shouldn't take more than 7 hours.
Garth Bagnall

I should also have said that it always pays to replace the crank seal at the same time & also check the gearbox seal & fork pivot bush. All this can be done in the 7 hours.
Garth Bagnall


It is a relatively straight forward, but time consuming job to do yourself. If doing yourself then parts and an engine hoist hire should set you back between 100 and 150. I have done this a couple of times and could do it in half to 3/4 of a day. First time I would allow a weekend. You'll really need off road parking and a "have a go" attitude! An MG specialist should only really take half a day I would have thought. Say 5 hours labour means they are charging about 70 an hour for labour. It would be cheaper up North, but at London prices you may consider this reasonable. It's your call.

I'm a firm believer in "if it ain't broke..." and so would say don't replace the crank seal or gearbox front seal UNLESS they show signs of leaking (which is quite common), in which case it would be foolish not to take the opportunity. Others will give you a big list of jobs that might as well be done while the engine is out. I use my car every day. So if the clutch needs replaced I replace the clutch, put the eniginge back in, and get on with using the cars! A clutch change has been known to morph into a total restoration if "might as well" takes over!

Hope you get it sorted one way or another.

I D Cameron

You can also try here:-

Seems like a fair price, considering what's involved. I paid more, but then I failed to shop around and didn't have the option of doing it myself at the time.

Dave Smith

Probably normal for London! I know of a BMW dealership in Hammersmith which charges over 100 per hour for labour.
Paul Hunt 2

Dave WOW. $416.35 (US) to pull the engine and replace the clutch, disk and throwout bearing. I just spent nearly that for a set of brakes and two emergency brake cables on my US family car.

I think Moss wants $145 (83 pounds) for just the clutch parts.
Bruce Cunha

master cylinder nearer 500 bucks when you add the sales tax (VAT) on! Moss must be on a winner there - genuine B&B kits cost me around half that!

I charge
Chris at Octarine Services


So many "need a new clutch" issues are actualy hydraulic. What's wrong with your clutch? Are you sure it needs replacement?
Paul Hanley

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