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MG MGB Technical - Crane XR700 Electronic Ignition

Hi All;
One of our Atlantic Chapter NEMG'T'R cars had a failed Crane Electronic Ignition the other day. First failure we have heard about. Anyone have a complete kit or the black box that they would be willing to sell? If you do please email me
Thanks, Barc
Barc Cunningham


I have had two Crane systems on my E type V-12. Both failed in less than a year of operation. Couldn't get a second replacement Crane under warranty (the were in Chap 11) so went with a pertronix system. Starts quicker and runs smoother. I will note that the Crane was mounted at the top front of the engine in the v. My guess is that it suffered from too much heat in this location. However, this was what was installed when I bought the car, and is apparently where the original electronic ignition was mounted also.


Lawrence Hallanger

Hi Larry;
Good information. However putting the unit on the front of the engine is a no no. The whole black box is a heat sink to cool the internal electronics. Mine are in 'T' cars
I mount mine under the dash and I put my first one in in 96 and it has seen lots of road use from here in Cape Breton to lots of GOF's in New England and Ontario and tours around eastern US. I find them very reliable aand perform very well.
The sad part is Crane are out of business nd the units are no longer available
Barc Cunningham

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