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MG MGB Technical - Cylinder/carburettor head query

My engine number has an 18GG prefix and was supposedly a replacement full engine, back in 1994, for the original 18V581 fitted to my '72 Roadster. Today I removed the rocker cover to find that the head is a 12H2708 which started to be fitted only at the introduction of the 18V series. As I read it the 2708 has larger inlet ports and the 18V was fitted with HS4 carbs fitted with spring-loaded needles. In the course of collecting refurbished parts I have already purchased some reconditioned carbs but with an 18GG specification. I.e. AUD 325 with FX needles.
My query is simply do I have a real problem or is it going to be ok with a bit of 'tuning' and/or changing the needles?
Richard Coombs

Hi Richard

If you are running the standard filter setup you will be fine, you will only need to change the needles if you fit K&N filters.

peter burgess

Thanks Peter. Filters are staying as standard so I'll press on.
Richard Coombs

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