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MG MGB Technical - Dash indicators for the turn signals

The dash mounted indicator lamps on my '71 Rstr are useless in daylight.I don't want to fit higher wattage globes even if I could find them. The bezels melt too easily. I'm wondering if anyone has a solution to this problem. Barrie E
B Egerton

Could you get a higher light oupput LED in there? You may need to reduce current when the lights are on but you can get a lot more light with no apprecaiable heating.
Stan Best

I assume that you want these to ensure that your indicators have cancelled, as the click is difficult to hear.
An alternative is to connect a buzzer into the circuit which can be easily heard with the top down. Jaycar have two different types (one more of a squeak) for about $3.

David Overington

I replaced the turn indicators, high bean indicator, and alternator idiot light (it's now a driving lamp indicator) on my GT with LED units sourced at a local auto supply (Advance Auto) for about USD $10 each.

They are BRIGHT.

Rick Ingram

Thanks for the suggestions guys. I figured leds would be the answer but didn't know they came with the small ES fitting. The buzzer idea is an option too.I used a small audio oscillator for the same reason many years ago & had completely forgotten about it. At the time it was more of a novelty rather than for practical purposes. Barrie E
B Egerton

Can't speak for the Auto Advance LEDs as it's impossible to see from their web site which ones are suitable. There used to be multi-element ES LEDs from UltraLED which were a bit brighter than conventional bulbs in the instruments, but they are no longer available. There are single-element LEDs available from eBay but they are no brighter than conventional bulbs. Probably the easiest solution is to wire a 12v buzzer or bonger across the terminals of the existing flasher unit (if the wires are coloured red and black then red goes to green and black goes to light-green/brown, otherwise it doesn't matter). This will sound in anti-phase to the lights, but only when the stalk is operated one way or the other of course.
PaulH Solihull

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