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MG MGB Technical - dash replacment

I have a 1970 mgb with the pillow dash would like to replace it with a 1965 tin dash . can it be done as a straight replacment or is there a lot of work in volved ie new brackets ect . And will the gages fit. cheers Mike

It is alot of work. This is because the scuttle top panel is different. From the first padded dash car onwards the North American spec LHD cars had a scuttle top trailing edge that was nearer the screan than before. Such cars also had a wider stearing column that has more complex mountings.

To fit an earlier dash you need to change the scuttle top panel or add a section to the rear of it. I did the latter. If I did it again I would do the former.

Some of the latter impact dash boards are better looking than the first one. Changing to one of these would be alot easier.
David Witham

And no none of the gauges will fit. Ray

Yep, lots of work. I have done it. You can see the mod I had to do to the scuttle here:

The previous page shows the dash I am using. I got all new instruments and rescued old style toggle switches from the local junkyward when I saw them to make a full set of switches.
Simon Jansen


Could you tell me how you made your fan support brackets on your B? I want to add a 12" fan to my '80 LE.

Many thanks,
David Plantz

Thanks all for the info .After viewing Simons site i think i will look for a later dash with a glove box. simon you are doing a great job but you must have way too much time on your hands ; ) cheers mike

David, the brackets are made two strips of steel. About 25mm wide and 3mm thick I guess. The radiator is held in with two bolts per side. The strip fits vertically on the inside of the mounting panel and the two bolts that hold the radiator in place go through it.

On the strip are two L shaped brackets that are welded on. The come up from the strip then bend in towards the middle of the radiator running parallel to its back face. The fan has little arms that come out and these are what bolts to the L brackets.

It is hard to describe. There is a picture here: and another here: that hopefully make it more clear?

Mike, I get told that ALL the time :)


Simon Jansen

Simon,you have done some nice work on your car,Rich O
Rich Osterhout

It is a slow job. Made slower now by the fact that I have to save up for a trip to the states in September for a good friends wedding using wedding cars sevenoaks in NYC. Unfortunately the NZ$ is weak against the US$ so it is going to be a costly experience! Still, got to get your priorities right. The car can wait!
Simon Jansen

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