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MG MGB Technical - Dash Rheostadt removal

I have removed the dash rheostadt and have placed a manual choke knob in the hole. What is the correct way to bypass the rheostadt ? I have 3 red/white wires and 1 red/green. Thanks for any input,

Cheers, Davy Crocker
Davy Crocker

The red/green is the live feed from the sidelamp circuit, the red/white are the instrument lamps. The rheostat connected them all together when on max, so just join them all together.
Martin Layton

Put bullet connectors on the ends of the wires and use a sleeve connector to connect them together. It will look like a factory junction.

Its funny when I put my dash back in my midget I just hooked the wires to the rheostat not in any order. Now I turn it one way that go out.The other way they dazzle me!! LOL

To D.Crocker - I love your spelling of "Rheostadt" - you and I must be the only ones old enough to remember Linda Ronstadt and, worse, confuse her with an inanimate object!Hope you got your other wires sorted out. Regards, John.
John Hall

Ah yes, Linda Ronstadt, a foxy lady in her day. I still march to her 1967 Top 20 hit "DIFFERENT DRUM".

Wires are sorted and dash insturments are brighter than ever. Cheers, Davy
Davy Crocker

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