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MG MGB Technical - dashboard removal

Hi folks,

I am looking to strip out the dashboard of my 1964 mgb roadster. The haynes manual has some info on this but there are a few bits I am unsure of. Is there a definite list somewhere of all the steps i need to take to do the job properly. Got the info a achieving a good paint finish once it is out. Also any tips on recovering the crash pad.
Thanks in advance

Les Howard

HI Les

Should be similar to my 67. It is relatively straight forward. Unhook the steering column from the dash, take out the center console, I removed the guages as this gives you better access to the bolts holding the dash and crash pad. I also removed the glove box door and the glove box liner to get to the bolts on that side.

Once the pad is off, you can get the dash off fairly easily.

I recommend using a paint stripper and getting all the old material off and powdercoating the dash with black wrinkel finish. Befor you strip the glove box take it in to the shop that does powdercoating and match the wrinkel finish. Powder coate wrinkel comes in different corseness, you want to match the original finish. No better finish for durability and looks fantastic.

Go to your local fabric shop and find a black vinyl that comes close to your old covering for the crash pad. Get some cordage the size of your original if your old welting is shot.

Material simply staples on the back of the crash pad.
BEC Cunha


One think I forgot. Mark the brackets that hold the dash in for position and direction. They only go on a certain way and it is kind of like a jigsaw puzzel if you get them mixed up.
BEC Cunha


See this site for dash removal description on an early MGB

DK McNeill

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