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MG MGB Technical - dashboard renewal

My 67 gt with the early style dashboard/instrument panel, needs to have the black vinyl replaced next to the windshield. Is there any way to properly do this without removing the whole dashboard??
Barry Parkinson

At the very least you should really remove the padded rail, and removing the dash (or pulling it forward at least) makes getting at the nuts easier (may be impossible without). The front edge of the vinyl also goes under the bottom seal for the windscreen frame, so a proper job (ooh arhh) requires removal of that as well.
Paul Hunt 2

Does anyone have any ideas or tips on fitting a new windscreen in a GT. My local mg specialist is not keen to take the job on!
Graham Gilmore

Have you tried a windscreen specialist? I've had my GT done twice by the company recommended by my insurer and it just so happened that he was an old hand with considerable experience on MGBs. Have a look at and click on 'Screens' for the process he allowed me to watch and document.

I also had to have the roadster screen changed a couple of years ago, again by a specialist recommended by the insurer, and that is much more tricky.
Paul Hunt 2

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