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MG MGB Technical - DCOE guesswork

I've taken the opportunity to have three-angle valve seats cut into cylinder head on my DCOE equipped car. Assuming all else is equal, would anyone like to make a stab in the dark as to (whether) how far the jetting might need changing? I know I should be booking a rolling-road session but unfortunately it's going to have to wait a while yet.

Current settings are:

Emulsion tube F16
Main jet 160
Air jet 160
Idle 60F9

Steve Postins

Steve, you might just get away with this. One of my Bs with 3 angle seats and standard filters needed rich needles the other again with 3 angle seats + K&Ns is OK with std needles. I'd try it first and see how clean it feels.
Iain MacKintosh

Thanks, I'll give it a go.
Steve Postins

This thread was discussed on 31/10/2005

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