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MG MGB Technical - Dead electrical on road

While driving 77B, all electrics go dead. Pull to the side of the road and turn the key, starts right up and no running problem. Happens very occasionally. Any ideas?

Barc in Canada
Barc Cunningham

Check battery and starter motor connections first. Then in and outs at ignition switch
B Anderson

battery connections and earths for me and even security of battery then yeap to and from ignition switch and the switch itself

you want all connections clean, secure and protected
Nigel Atkins

Barc, I agree with Nigel - check and clean all connections (bullet connectors in particular) between battery and ign coil. This happened to me a few years ago when overtaking a truck on a dual carriageway; the engine cut out and the truck driver must have realised something was wrong and allowed me to cut in front of him and pull over safely. The car re-started ok, and when I got home I cleaned up the bullet connectors. No problems since (touch wood).

Let us know how you get on.
Brian Shaw

If EVERYTHING dies i.e., ignition, lights, headlamp flasher, clock. Got to be either the battery connection, the battery feed to the starter motor solenoid or the brown feeds from the solenoid. The connections to the latter are the chief suspects.
Allan Reeling

Thanks everyone for your help. Seems we have an agreement. I'll let you know hoy my friend makes out.
Barc Cunningham

Given Allan's proviso then as he says. Some years ago the connection at my roadster solenoid decided to go high resistance during an MOT without any prior warning. Totally stumped the garage, they couldn't understand why they couldn't jump start it with a battery back connected to the battery.
Paul Hunt

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