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MG MGB Technical - Deluxe Wind Blocker

My wife and I have and highly recommend the 'Wind Blocker' (458-290) on our 74B. The only draw back is that it needs to be removed to put the top up. I see that the 'Deluxe wind blocker' (458-298) can stay in place to raise or lower the top. Have any of you used this one? If so what do you think? When I bought the original 'Wind Blocker' it was only about $149 with shipping - a little more reasonalbe than the $359 they want for the deluxe now, so I would really appreciate some feedback on this one.


James Budrow

At 150 to 250 for them in the UK, and finding somewhere to put them when you aren't using them (as they have solid frames) I made my own from various bits of ironmongery, bungie cord and fabric from hardware stores for less than a tenner. It slots into the tonneau sockets so has to be removed to raise the hood it is true, but as the top and bottom 'rails' are bungy it just folds up and tucks away.

Paul Hunt 2010

So, rather than acrylic you used some sort of fabric? Looks like it may be sunscreen fabric that hardware stores sell.

Looks good. Maybe some other photos.

Bob McCoy
Robert McCoy

Flyn Lill from Ikea, from someone who had successfully used it on an MGF.
Paul Hunt 2010

I looked at

Flyn Lill from Ikea, from someone who had successfully used it on an MGF.

But how do you clean it. It says

care instructions
Do not wash.
Do not bleach.
Do not tumble dry.
Do not iron.
Do not dryclean.

What's left?
T Lea

Well, it looks like it's about 2 ft x 10 ft, so you could probably make 4 of them. At around 75 cents each maybe you could afford to replace it when it gets dirty.

C R Huff

Why would you want to clean it? It's black (presumably you would use the black one), I can't ever rember getting flies or anything else stuck in my old one. If it gets dusty run a vacuum brush over it.
Paul Hunt 2010

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