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MG MGB Technical - Detox, Elect Ign & Saturn Alt.

I have been attempting to get my car running well for 6 years, as long as I have owned it. The sale of our house and moving full time into our RV means the loss of my garage. Do I store away a car (73B) that doesn't run too well or try to sell a car that doesn't run too well. Either way I HAD to get it going. 1st step give up on the dual point ignition and go Petronix. Why did I wait so long, immediate impressive improvement. A member rebuilt and converted the fuel pump. Carbs rebuilt,b new needles and K&N's. Detoxed, removed air pump and a/c compresser. The Lucas alternator kept the red light running but not much else. So a new battery and Saturn alternater. Red light now goes out just from the starter spinning. New braided oil lines and oil cooler. New radiator and water pump. If I ever get delivery of the 7/16 20 Allen Head Cap Screws to replace the 7/16 20 bolts filling the aip ports it will look a lot better. BTW they are NOT easy to find. All of the extra stuff that clattered, squelled and groweled is not missed. The engine bay is cleaner and quieter. This has been time and money well spent. The car always looked good but didn't run well at all, in spite of good compression test. Now she runs like a top. But how do I convince my wife to not put her up for sale???????
Ken Knize

Just take her for a ride - she'll insist yuo keep it!
Jeff Schlemmer

Hi, Ken:

I agree with Jeff. If that fails, consider a new wife. (Just kidding!) ;-)

BTW, where DID you find the 7/16 20 Allen Head cap screws?
Tom Fisher

Ken, keep the MG. If anything, it will keep the dinner time conversation lively. As previously suggested, drop the top and take out for a ride. I too converted to a Delco-Remy altenator. It a noisy unit but it works.

It's Rosemary b-day today so we go to dinner in the MGB.

Gary :>{D
79 MGB

Tom, look on e-bay for the cap screws.

I purchased these from seller Paul Seeberg last year, but these are the same ones and a perfect fit.

D Slavik

It is so small, put it in the glove box of the RV!

Keep it. If you don't you will regret it for years
Frank Baker

Youre not making this easy guys, We just filled one storage unit moved to a larger one that is also full and now I have to consider storage for Ruby, that's the cars name not my wife. My wife offered to pay for Ruby's storage, Now I can't get rid of my wife either after that offer.
Ken Knize

Is your RV rigged to tow Ruby? I imagine it would be good to have a small car w/ std. transmission to tow behind your rig. At less than 2400 lbs. the B should be light enough to pull. I bought a bag of 7/16 allen screws from McMaster Carr. Can be bought on-line at their website.

Thanks Joe, I found a company called Fastnel who were able to order the screws. Alas my RV is a 5th wheel so towing a dingy is not something I'll try. I have seen others tow a boat behind a 5er however. I'm thinking of having her (Ruby not wife) shipped to MacDill AFB where we winter. It would be great to drive her to the golf courses each day.
Ken Knize

Ruby rides again. I took the whole day yesterday to move Ruby out to the street. That required hitching up the 5th wheel and moving it first. When I finally got a chance to road test thing didn't go well. I'll start a new thread to explain my dizzy problem.
Ken Knize

Ken, I have to ask or it will trouble me forever:
What is a 5th wheel?

David Overington

Ken: My son-in-law is stationed at MacDill AFB. I think now he is teaching ROTC at So.Fla.State. He doesn't drive an MG but we'll keep him in the family anyway.


Gary :>{D
79 mgb

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