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MG MGB Technical - Dial/interior lights

I have just got my car back on the road and now I have just noticed when driving it in dark that I have no dash or dial lights so can see nothing. What is likely to be the issue?

Thanks in advance.
MD Rice

have you bought and read the relevant Driver's Handbook yet - have look at the rheostat (dimmer switch) to see if it's turned down

if it's not check the connections to it are clean, secure and protected - simple cleaning can be just take one connection at a time off and putting it back on and off half a dozen times to clean the connection, also check the connections are tight and wires are secure and protected

or you could bypass the rheostat to see if it's the problem

Driver's Handbook -

from Paul Hunt's excellent site, the rheostat -
Nigel Atkins

Wow! Don't I just feel a complete idiot. Thanks once again Nigel.
MD Rice

buy the Driver's Handbook and read it (remember RTfM) and you'll know more than many long term owners

if it was just a matter of turning the rheostat up I'm pleased for you as few problems are so easily solved

below is as just an example of what 'the god book' tells you from mine for my midget

Nigel Atkins

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