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MG MGB Technical - Different rubber overrider inserts?

In cleaning inserts prior to reinstalling after a 6-year hiatus (don't ask!), I noticed that 2 have a clear ridge line, while 2 do not. The ones with no ridge line are 2mm shorter, but they all fit.
Could anyone say which might be 1973 original?? - with ridge or without. Either way, they're original to me, and will clean up well, so will all go back on the car. Regards, John.
PS - tried to attach a photo, but can't get it to work despite following a son's instructions ... sorry.
J P Hall

Uploading a photo should be simple. Click on "Upload". A box opens - press the "Browse" button. Explorer automatically opens, find the photo on your file system and press "Open" on the Explorer window. Back at the small box, your photo's file name now appears next to "Browse". Press "Submit" and in a few seconds the photo appears as if by magic.

I think the commonest reason why a photo doesn't load will be that it is too large. Almost all cameras and phones now take pictures with a file size of 4 MB (4096 kb) upwards. To load a photo here it must be below 1 MB (1024 kb), so your photo needs to be shrunk. You can do this in Windows Live Photo Gallery, which should already be on your computer. Open the program, find the picture you want to send and press the "Edit" button on the top bar. One of the options is "Resize". Click this. In the next box there is a drop-down list of different photo sizes. 800 or 1024 should do the trick. Choose "Resize and Save" and the smaller photo will be saved in the same folder with a slightly different name. You will probably find it at the end of the list. Use this to attach to your post on the MG BBS.
Mike Howlett

Without a picture it's difficult to know where your ridge is, but mine (73 car) are completely smooth I'd say. They were replaced 27 years ago, normally I keep old parts for reference, but at the last house move a lot of stuff had to go. Dial caliper just too short to get an accurate length.

Mike, this is really exciting - following your instructions, I managed to downsize the photo to the 1024 option; flushed with success, I opened the photo and clicked submit - but nothing has appeared. After a cup of tea, I might have another go.
After all this, it would want to be a bl**** good photo!
Regards, John.
J P Hall

OK - let's see if I can get this done. Hopefully photo attached.

J P Hall

Right, an edge down the middle as opposed to rounded, but that looks a lot more than 2mm difference to me. How long are they?

Mine - replaced 27 years ago remember, although I can't remember whether I got bare overriders and reused the rubbers, or if they came complete - have the edge and are 16cm long.


Paul, the photo angle is misleading: the one with the ridge, like yours is 160mm; the rounder profile is only 2mm shorter. I must admit, I prefer the ridged version, but will fit what I have for now. New ones are listed by Heritage mg spares in Sydney, but like too many of their items, they're out of stock.

Thanks for your input mate. Regards, John.
J P Hall

Also when having these discussions it's as well to bear in mind that BMC/BL may have had more than one supplier with slight differences in mould.
Allan Reeling

Just been to look at my 1973 vintage inserts. They are 160mm and very rounded, no hint of a ridge.
Allan Reeling

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