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MG MGB Technical - Difficulty in sourcing small but important part/s

Hi guys
I'm currently rebuilding my Tanden master cylinder and need one ( yes, I had to drill one out) Screw, Item #4 in diagram, and one item #22 ( broke when removing innards). None of the local sources sell them , they all state " buy a new master cylider complete"!

Or alternatively, what thread size is item #4? and diameter is pin #23. See enclosed JPEG.

Any help or tips would be appreciated on how to proceed.

Regards Paul L

P Liles

Try, in their eBay listings they advertise having "vast Stocks of Girling & Lockheed Hydraulic Parts".
Johan Garmer

Are there two item 4 screws? If so can you measure threads on the other one?
I assume pin 23 is not a loose fit, so can you measure the hole dia and see whether a standard pin will fit neatly - I have seen boxes of assorted pins in "nuts and bolt" shops here
John Minchin

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