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MG MGB Technical - Dip Stick rubber stop on 67 GH

I have read the archives relating to dip stick length and it appears in later MG;s there is a stop on the stick for the rubber plug to rest against.

I can figure placement of where the rubber stop goes from the figures given in the archives (11 1/4 inch from bottom of the stick to the top of the rubber), but how are others fixing the rubber so it does not move?

In the archives it says that for the early engines, the dip stick sets on a spot on the bottom of the oil pan. Would it be correct to bottom the stick out and then just push the rubber plug into the dip stick tube?
BEC Cunha


That is what I do, just let it bottom out. Not sure if it is correct, but at least it is consistent!

I D Cameron

Same here, I always though that was how it was designed. When you do an oil change and work to that mark between 7 and 8 pints go in depending on oil filter chage or not. Since the sump is specced at 7 1/2 pints and the oil cooler 3/4 this must be close. So long as the car is holding oil pressure,and is not giving clutch problems due to overfilling then I dont think 1 pint either way makes any difference.
Stan Best

Oh sorry meant to say, all above Imperial.
Stan Best

For the US models (at least) the sump capacities varied over the years. With the later models with spin on filters their are larger and smaller sized filters that a adaptable to the engine. There is also the issue of whether or not the oil cooler is fitted. I am unaware of there being any material variance in capacity of the coolers.

The goal is to get sufficent oil and not overfill and get leaking or (in extreme case) interference with the spinning crank.

The most reliable measurement would appear to me, to be the distance below the bottom of the block to the full oil level. I have not read anything specifying the depth below the bottom of the block for the max or minimum level of oil pan fill.

I find in my car that if I am one US quart low that in aggressive cornering I will temporarily lose oil pressure. I necessarily check my oil level before pushing the car over a local mountain pass that I travel periodically.

Some makes come with baffles in the pan. I had a '60's Alfa with an alloy pan that had - from the factory - a nice little open top box in the middle with hinged flaps to allow oil in and closed on the other side to keep oil in, depending on which way you were cornering. It wouldn't be hard to make such an adaption for the pan to provide more reliable lubrication in agressive driving circumstance.

Barry Parkinson

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