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MG MGB Technical - Dissy upgrade

Has anyone had experience with the Moos (or similar) distributor upgrade that replaces the points/condensor with an electronic device. The Moss kit looks good, but I have heard some stories that some of their stuff is a bit suspect on quality.
Any suggestions or advice would be very welcome

Regards Ian

I Denton

Ian. Much discussion on this in the archives over a number of years. The electronic points replacement does not mean that you do not have to perform the annual maintenance on the dizzy as per the factory workshop manual. It does mean that you do not have to install a new points and condenser 10-15K miles. But, to get the best results, you need a distributor which is in good operating condition when you start. If you want the Ignitor kit, you can order from most good auto parts stores and save some money over dealing with a specialist.

Les Bengtson

Hello Ian

Have a talk with these guys, they built a "Scorcher" distributor for my 3.5L V8 using Bosch parts from GMH, all they used from my old distributor was the gear, any parts now I go to my local Holden dealer. They also reco and sell upgrade type fittings.

Steven Koster

Hi Ian,

Also check out the 123 dizzy, A complete replacement with fully electronic "guts". No maintenance required.

$560 from Ted Cross, email

When I purchased mine I was recommended to get the 123 GB 4, a general purpose 4 cylinder English cars dizzy, rather than the MG specific one. It has a greater range of selections for the advance curves.

Herb Adler


If you want to upgrade to an electronic ignition that is very dependable and no maintenance, go with the Lucas 45DM4 distributor with the external module.

The system is called Lucas CEI but it is actually a GM HEI ignition system. Inside the Lucas external module is a 4 prong GM HEI module that is readily available if needed.

I have this setup on both of my MG's with absolutely no problems for thousands of miles. This GM HEI ignition was installed on millions of GM vehicles.

You can occasionally find these on ebay at a very reasonable price.
Steve Rechter

I have installed on my car a Davis Unified Ignition system. They use the GM distributor setup with a high performance module and 50,000 volt internal coil. They recommend a spark plug gap of .055"! It works great with little upkeep. RAY
rjm RAY

I've had a pertronix ignition (no-points replacement) running
in my dizzy for over 6 years without a complaint.

You do have to re-set the ignition timing after installation,
but this is no big deal if you have a stroboscopic timing

At first, I combined it with it's companion Flamethrower
coil but I was shorting out rotors 1-2 times a year
(this always seem occur to at the worse possible

I then swapped to a Bosch Blue coil (mainly because
I had it laying around). It's stronger than a stock coil
but not as zappy as a Flamethrower coil). I haven't
experienced a rotor short-out since (...knock on wood).
Daniel Wong

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