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MG MGB Technical - Distribution Setting / Engine Rebuild


I'm most of the way through an engine rebuild. 1972 MGB

The distributor drive goes into the engine and meshes with the cam. Then there is a distributor housing. The the distributor itself goes partially into the engine and meshes with two slots on the end of the distributor drive.

I'm at the point where you insert the distributor drive. How do I know this is in correctly? I'm assuming if the two slots aren't going the right direction I'm never going to be able to time this thing correctly.



Well maybe not. The manual gives the correct orientation of the coupling shaft which should then result in the distributor vac housing pointing to the five past position when the rotor is pointing to number one segment in the cap and the points are just breaking (anticlock rotation). This position will allow easy acces and a clear route for the vac tube to pass the heater valve.
Iain MacKintosh

John, See page 50-51 in the Haynes mgb manual for instructions on distributor drive gear installation.

Clifton Gordon

I left my Haynes Manual in the rain and ruined it. Anyone mind summarizing?


You definately want to check the archives - This has been discussed in great detail in the last few months and some exceptional tips were given.
Jeff Schlemmer

John, Rather than trying to print out the information in Haynes or the MGB shop manual I'm linking you to Barney Gaylord's instructions. Although it's an MGA site the distributor drive spindle installation is the same on the MGB. Follow his instructions and it will be right.

Clifton Gordon

Thank you Clifton! What a great resource. Worked perfectly. is my contribution to MG owners everywhere...


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