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MG MGB Technical - Distributor Drive spindle removal

I am trying to remove the distributor drive spindle from a 1970 MGB engine. Are there any tricks to removing the distributor housing so I can get the spindle out? Mine does not seem to want to budge and it looks like a very tight machined fit. Just about everything else is out of the block except for the camshaft which won't come out until I get the spindle out. Thanks Mike


There is a large slotted screw holding the retaining flange onto the block. Remove this screw and the flange should be removable. If needed, you can wiggle it till loose with a large plier such as channel locks. Now, you can retrieve the drive gear with one of your long air filter bolts. Sorry, don't remember the exact thread size but perhaps someone else can chime in if you don't have original can filters. Simple thread the bolt into the gear and withdraw.

Paul Hanley

5/16-24 Thread.
David DuBois

Mike. Get a large, but stubby screwdriver that will properly fit the screw slot on the left hand side of the dizzy housing. I made mine up using a short length of grade 8 threaded rod (1/2"-20 tpi), ground one end to fit the screw, installed a nut on the other end and silver soldered it in place. That gives me a tool I can use with a socket wrench (for extra leverage) and is short enough to control properly. Removal of that screw, on all the engines I have done, has been a pain in the neck. But, with the proper tool, it is quite easy. Les
Les Bengtson

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