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MG MGB Technical - do I have the right interior?

Me again.

My B GT is a 1971 registered car. It has no centre armrest, and the ignition is in the centre of the dash. And it's claimed to be Tartan Red. Is this interior right?- I kind of expected a car as late as this would have the ignition on the steering column. Not a problem- I kind of prefer it. And it LOOKS tartan red- as a contributor to my other thread pointed out, this could have changed at any time from the original colour.

And one other question- the car is fitted with a rear demist. Where should the switch to operate this be? I have an odd push button under the steering wheel (turns out to be a very primitive alarm, I found out the hard (and noisy) way). Only other unaccounted switch is a red illumunated toggle under and to the right of the steering column. I illuminates, but nothing else seems to happen. It is mounted in what looks like an aftermarket bracket. Otherwise, I have (left to right) interior fan, wipers and electric washers, all in the original dash. I'm reconciled to chasing the wires, but any clues would be great!

SO happy to be an MG owner again!


Alex Mears

The rhd cars still had the steel dash, which disappeared in the US in 68., albeit rhd of course with rectangle switches I believe. I recall seeing adverts with a center radio panel with switches there which the rear demist switch was usually mounted. Being in the US, we had the "Abingdon Pillow" and there was no console armrest until sometime in 1972 when they went away from the free hanging door pulls to the plastic strap type door pulls.

This thread was discussed on 17/01/2006

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