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MG MGB Technical - do you retune

I am close to re fitting a new exhaust and as the car is in the mgoc workshop having a respray now seems a good time. My question is as follows if you replace a single box 2" freeflow system to a mgoc stainless steel twin box system should you get the carbs and engine re tuned at the same time? Also is the mgoc s/s system any good or should i go for the peco mild steel 2"freeflow single box and save a few quid
Thanks for your help
Richard H
Richard H

I would go with the Falcon SS single box "Big Bore system" Have had one on my wife's Gt since January of 2000 and about 93,000 miles later it still sounds good and is in like new shape. bob thomspon
Bob Thompson

You likely will find you need to "touch up" the carb adjustment slightly. Bob thompson
Bob Thompson

I bought the MGOC 'standard' SS system many years ago and was very disappointed in the sound, 'farty' probably being the best description instead of the throaty sound one expects. It has taken probably a dozen years of bashing the middle box over humps and goodness knows what else to start getting a much better harder edge to the note. A single-box SS system might be better, but I'd prefer to hear one before splashing-out.

After having anyone else fiddle with my cars the first thing I would do on its return is to recheck the ignition and carb settings to make sure they haven't cocked them up. However changing the breathing, even a relatively small change like moving to a freer-flowing manifold and K&N filters usually warrants a change to a richer needle, rather than simply re-setting what you already have.
Paul Hunt

thanks for your comments
Richard H

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