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MG MGB Technical - Door impact beam

Has anybody removed the impact beam out of a door to lighten it? I have a rust free late door with beam and want to use it on a '69. It seems to add 10lbs+ weight to each door. The sound deadening mat seems to run between the beam and doorskin, and I don't see any welds fixing the beam to door.

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Dan Robinson

There is still a small top hat section stringer in the earlier cars. Not sure if its side impact or just to avoid drumming in that large flat sheet section. I did post a pic once.
Stan Best

I think the top-hat section is just for sound deadening. It is too flimsy for anything else. The original had some sort of padding between the section and the door skin. I replaced this with a closed cell foam which should stop the skin from drumming but not become a moisture trap.

John Minchin

Hope this helps, i took it to show how much trouble a paper sticky label can cause if its left on, they get wet and stay wet.
The stringer is away from the door but my car has never had any sound deadening there. However you could but some closed cell foam there. i wouldnt as water might stillstick between the foam and the door.

Stan Best

I always thought that the bar was there to stop the door shell twisting like on the mga and opening on the lock as you was going down the road.
It seems to have been deleted from the uk model during the push button lock era.


Ste Brown

Thanks, I found and early door like you show and the beam is much lighter. It appears they crimped the later ones between the skin and frame. Too hard to cut out, so I sourced good condition correct replacement.

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