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MG MGB Technical - Door interior

I have reskinned the doors on my 1966 mgb roadster. What should I put on the inside that is inexpensive and will not interfer with the windows? Is it necessary to put anything in or should I just leave the metal. Thanks
D Enghauser

Waxoyl would be the best think. I think there's dinitrol on the inside of my doors though cause its tacky, but there's not so much as a patch of rust in there. I assume this is what you mean, but why would it interfere with the window? If you mean sound dampening, maybe something similar to whats on the inside of the bonnet would be the best bet.
Ross Kelly

I don't think early cars had it, but later cars had some anti-drum stick-on material much thinner than the under-bonnet felt. Personally I'd use that, the felt can come unstuck and that *would* jam the window. But in a roadster it's debateable as to whether it needs it, and a good coating of Waxoyl may well do much the same thing as well as inhibit new rusting. Pay special attention to the bottom front corner where the 1/4-light mounting bracket obstructs part of the panel, after 15 years that is where mine has just started to come through.
Paul Hunt

I've just re-skinned my '72 Roadster doors. Before I skinned a frame I painted about 50mm around the interior edges of the new skin with POR-15. When I get around to the finishing I shall be spraying the inside with a decent zinc coat, using the thin sound-deadening patches Paul mentioned (because they were on the original skin), and applying waxoyl. Too much protection is no problem and the time it takes is trivial compared to the rest of the work on the car!!
Richard Coombs

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