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MG MGB Technical - Door Speaker Suggestions

Good afternoon,

I haven't posted here for a long, long time but have been a frequent reader ever since.

I am seeking advice on suitable, discreet, door speakers that will fit into the mgb roadster door. I have an old Pioneer KE1300 radio cassette I bought in 1983 that I want to fit into the dash (1968 car) and am looking for door speakers. I also have acquired a "period" sound booster amplifier that supposedly will boost the output to 30/40 watts per channel.

I have searched archives in a few websites to seek suggestions and have searched for a few of the speakers that have been recommended without success. It seems the big problem is the depth of the speaker as most will catch on the window winder mechanism.

Has anybody fitted door speakers recently that they could recommend or direct me to a technical support centre that would have experience of classic cars?

Kind Regards

Robert Holmes
w r holmes

Late-model cars had door speakers from 76 on LHD cars and 79 on RHD, low down and forwards. You could try one of the 2nd-hand parts places like Welsh MG or Andy Jennings. Mine are in the rear cards behind the doors, so the drop-glass isn't an issue, and nor is getting the wiring into the doors. However I have fitted electric locking, which needs a cable of course, and it follows the route of the factory wiring i.e. along the upper hinge.

PS. Welsh MG currently have a pair on eBay

halfords does a fairly comprehensive range at competitive prices. they also seem to have a very fair returns policy. i bought a pair for the rear of the GT and had similar problem. they would not fit - but they took them back with no issues. old speakers may not sound that great....

i may as well post the pic below - i saw this just the other day and whilst not original i think it's quite a sensible location.

Graham Moore

Like Paul, I have the speakers in the rear panel just behind the door. They seem to work well there and are closer to the occupant's ears, a bonus in a noisy car!
Mike Howlett

Hi there,

Many thanks for the replies.

Well spotted Paulh4 - Unfortunately I already have something similar and am looking for the same size but able to handle more power.

Graham, I agree a good idea - the only downside is access to the fresh air flap.

Mike, I had an MGCGT many years ago (the car I bought the radio cassette for in 1983!) and had the speakers located in the panel behind the door. It was a great place for them in a GT but as I am a big fan of using the tonneau cover in my Roadster it will pretty well muffle the speakers - hence my decision to go for the door location as it ticks all boxes.

I was in my local Halfords yesterday (Lisburn, Northern Ireland) and all they had nothing suitable on display. I did talk to one of the assistants briefly but the impression I got was that they didn't do anything suitable. I will take a look at their website.

Anyone else got any advice/recommendations?

Kind Regards
Robert Holmes

w r holmes

Robert, have a look at the Maplin website, they have a good selection of speakers and reasonably priced.

My speakers have been surface mounted by a PO in the outer footwells, which work ok for me.

Andy Robinson

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