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MG MGB Technical - Drain Pain?

The adventure continues, OK, I am going to pull the head on the '73B tonight. (18V motor). I have noted that I will have to drain the cooling system by removing the lower rediater hose. Is there a way to add a drain valve to make the next drain a little less sloppy? Thanks, Tom
Tom in damp & gloomey NY

Yes - I had it done on my rad. I took it to a rad shop, and they had it done within 24 hrs. They appear to have welded or brazed on a nut, through which a special hollow winged bolt goes through. A turn of the bolt and the coolant flows right through the bolt. Makes for much nicer drainage. I think any decent rad shop should be able to do this for you. I think mine cost $80 Ccanadian.
Erick Vesterback

Raise the *rear* of the car while you are draining such that the back of the engine is higher than the front, otherwise if you can't get anything out of the block drain (and most seem not to be able to) the coolant level will likely be above the top of the block and go into the cylinders.
Paul Hunt


Taking the bottom rad hose off will drain the block down to water pump level which is below the top of the block and no water will get into the bores.
Chris at Octarine Services

OK, not done it on a 4-cylinder MGB, it certainly flooded the bores on the V8 and a 1500 midget. I guess your experience is on a ramp, Chris, i.e. a level car. Maybe if the *front* of the car is on ramps or stands (as mine were) it would still happen on an MGB.
Paul Hunt

Possibly - but why would you want the front on ramps or stands to remove the cylinder head?

While the head is off, it is a good opportunity to use a long 1/4 drill (masonry ones come long) to reach down inside the water jacket and clear the crud out of the drain hole - the rear O/S water passage in the block top surface leads down at an angle into the hole. Take out the drain plug ( under the oil pressure tapping ) and work in from the side with a small screwdriver - the top hole comes in in the top left "corner" of the side drilling. You can judge the angle and depth to go to by resting the drill on the outside of the block by the side drilling.
Chris at Octarine Services

Depends what else you have to do. Also not being a midget myself it was a jolly sight easier on my back to have the front of the Midget raised!
Paul Hunt

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