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MG MGB Technical - Dreaded MOT

its that time of year again was just wondering before the b needs to go in are there any common faults or areas i need/should look at
thanks guys
jr williamson

One thing that tripped me up once was condition of wiper blades, now I always change them on all our cars before alternate MoTs and since then no probs. The most important thing is to choose an intelligent tester, I use one that only does MoTs they are not interested in generating repair revenue for a workshop.
Stan Best

An MOT is a cheap check of condition even if it fails. I had my ZS MOTd by a BMW dealership before I got it and they failed to spot the drivers wiper rubber had split and the blade holder was marking the screen. I've had the roadster 20 years mainly summer (plut still plenty of rain) use and the V8 for 13 used in all weathers, replaced the blades on both when I bought them and on the V8 only once since then. If you haven't had it MOTd before then there could be any number of things, it all depends who MOTd it before you and who is doing it now. Always check all the lights including stop lights, horn, seat-belt condition, tyre condition, brakes pulling to one side, fuel leaks, they would be silly things to fail on. Getting steadily more involved check for leaks from the dampers (dampness seems OK if it isn't dripping), crazing or cracking of the three brake hoses, and the rear brake operation i.e. clean, lubricate and adjust which should be part of an annual service. Then you are down to things like play in front suspension and steering and general condition of the shell around sills and suspension mounting points, but I don't think anyone would condemn you for not going that far.
Paul Hunt

Check the handbrake works (well). Assuming it is a single line system it must pull 25% of the body weight (16% for dual line)-you can't measure this without the brake tester but well adjusted brakes shoes and a hand brake lever that is not vertical when fully applied help! M (Mot tester)
Michael Beswick

mg specialisttion wiper blades as mine need replacing so I'm going to borrow the ones off my Land Rover seeing it's being rebuilt at present on a new chassis. :-)
Moral of story is you can probably get wiper blades cheaper (around
Paul Humphries

Leaking or perished steering rack rubber boots has got me on a number of cars - pain when you have to do them in the wet, so best checked before they have to be done in a rush in the rain. Oh, and weirdest of all my fails was a delaminating windscreen - would never have known till it was pointed out to me.

Details of partial re-tests, costs, how long you've got to fix it before a full retest and charges are shown on the VT30- (failure)sheet. (The garage also has to display a notice about what can be retested without a full retest) Generally if you leave it past the 10 days you will need a full retest and hence be charged for it. (FWIW, the 10 days is stipulated by VOSA not the garage)

But as Paul says regard it as a cheap check by an expert on the state of your car. If you show a bit of interest ( but DONT talk to him non-stop!!!)he may also give you a list of "advisories" (VT32)These are things he suggests need attention but do not fail the MOT. I accept he may not be an expert on MGs but he should have good experience of the general things! Good Luck M
Michael Beswick

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