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MG MGB Technical - Drivers door lock NA model

I have gone through the archives and tried a few of the things but still having an issue.

Drivers door closes beautifully and from inside the locking works smoothly (1974 1/2 MGBGT ) from the outside the key unlocks the door just fine but will not lock the door. I am currently going through the passenger door, locking drivers door then using the key to lock the passenger door. When I come back the key smoothly unlocks the drivers door.

It must be an adjustment I am missing, hopefully someone is able to lead me in the right direction.

Thanks in advance.

Brian Smith (1950 TD3376)

Does it turn correctly, i.e. does the barrel turn to the lock position?
Pat Gregory

The lock barrel has a fork on the end which activates the locking and unlocking. If that is not engaged with the pin on the locking plate down it's centre, or if the fork is broken it will only do half the job., i.e., lock or unlock. Take the door card off and you will be able to see if this is the fault.
Allan Reeling

Brian, I seem to remember a similar problem when I first got my roadster. As I recall it was the latch and latch rod adjustment that was the issue.

Have a look at the workshop manual, which you can download here

Section R33 covers the door locks and adjustment

Andy Robinson

The lock and fork appear to work well and according to what I have read are correctly positioned so I will check out Andy's suggestion. I figured there must be an adjustment I am missing.
Brian Smith

It's very simple as Allan implies, no 'adjustment' other than bending bar or fork for correct engagement and travel.

If you can't lock and unlock by moving the bar directly (disengage it from the fork) then the latch itself is faulty. The internal and external locking mechanisms use different levers on the latch so it's quite possible that one could works as it should but not the other.

If that works then either the lock isn't moving the fork and hence the bar far enough or through the required range of movement.

Thanks for the responses. Lots of wisdom in this group. Turns out that the rod from the door lock to the latch mechanism needed a bit of tweaking and it works again now.

I have had 4 mgbgt' s over the years and really enjoyed them, also had mgb roadsters and MGA roadsters but 19 years ago purchased a basket case mgtd and after restoring it drove it all over but really missed the GT. After selling the TD I looked for a good GT and finally found one close by. The biggest problems so far are a direct result of little use but these are easy to work through. I should have a good understanding of these cars but may require a little assistance from time to time.

Brian Smith

Ask away Brian!!
Allan Reeling

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