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MG MGB Technical - Driving lamps

I'll be mounting driving lamps on my 73 B soon, hopefully getting it back from the paint shop tomorrow. According to the directions i should wire into the low beam circuit, or the high beam. What i'd like to do is have them independant of the headlamps entirely. The lamps are Hella Optilux if that helps any. Think i can handle the relay hook-up. Also says i need to wire power directly from the battery. Could i just hook the power wire to the solenoid instead? Thanks in advance, Jim Skinner.

The soleniod is connected directly to the battery - that will be fine. Don't forget to put a fuse in the circuit though.
The Wiz

At the risk of being boring; if you are using Hella heads, the driving lights may be imposing but will not give you much more useable light.

Been there - paid the bill.


Most traffic authorities would probably require the driving lights to only operate when high beam is used, otherwise there is the obvious danger of blinding oncoming traffic while you fumble for the dip switch and another dr/light switch.
As the d/light wiring instructions probably advise-I've always run a dedicated fused supply wire,using relay operated by high beam and a separate switch so d/lights can be used when desired with your normal high beam.

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