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MG MGB Technical - Dual Circuit Brake Connector

Can anyone advise if this connector (under seat area) should have different threads in each end? Mine does and the front pipe from the master cyl won't screw in. Is it the pipe or connector that is wrong?


Andrew Walton

Both ends should be 3/8ths UNF. Never seen one with different threads. Are you sure one end hasn"t been cross threaded.
jim soutar

O.K. Cracked this one ! For other's benefit. The front pipe from the master cyl to the connector has a different thread connector on each end. A metric for the master and UNF for the connector. The thing that caught me out is that the UNF or the metric end fit easily into the master cylinder, but the metric will not fit the UNF - so I fitted it the wrong way around ! Anyone still with me !?!?!?!



Been there, done that ;-)

Tony Bates

This thread was discussed between 19/02/2009 and 28/02/2009

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