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MG MGB Technical - Dual Circuit Brake Conversion

Morning all!,

I have inherited a dual circuit brake master for my mgb restoration project, but it appears to be missing an adaptor of some type on the rear brake line connection. I've swiped a picture from the web (uploaded).

The front (right) connection has an adaptor that downsizes the connection to the standard brake pipe union size, but the rear (left) connection doesn't have it. Is anyone aware of where I can find such a union from? The cylinder is apparently a US-spec Lucas unit - I am adapting it to the MG to give me dual circuit brakes and this missing union is the last thing I need having already adapted the 4-way brake sensor and manufactured a new pushrod.

I hope you can help!!

A Riddett

The late 1500 midget uses a similar cylinder.

According to Moss, the adaptor is currently unavailable, although it might be worth searching the web for the part number.
Dave O'Neill 2

Thanks Dave though no joy there. It seems bizarre that the unit should be supplied without it, but there you have it. Hunting around for scrap or used ones now.
A Riddett

I know the big brass adaptor quite well, it comes out at an angle. I'll have a look at work and see if I can find one. We had a box full somewhere. Hope no ones weighed them in for scrap!

I have one if you still need it.

Roadwarrior you are a LEGEND! Yes please!! Can you drop me a line at, or can I phone to sort something out? Happy days!
A Riddett

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