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MG MGB Technical - Dumb question...fuel pump wires

Well, yeah, "oldsheimers" is taking hold of my little brain...

Took off the old fuel pump on my 70 MGB this weekend and installed the new one. White wire to the end of the pump and black wire to the blade adjacent to the gas line hookups on the pump.

Forgot how they this correct? Hope so, as I plan on hooking up the battery tonight and have a go at cranking the B.

Thanks in advance,

Dave L
dave lackey

Dave - that is correct. You may want to get one of the Bentley Shop manuals. They are very comprehensive and include detailed wiring diagrams - as well as other useful stuff!

Good luck,

J Delk

Thanks, Jeff...

Just didn't want to blow myself up after work this evening. As soon as I get the B up and runnin...going to move the TD back to its normal spot in the garage and remove its generator for testing/rebuild/exorcism tomorrow.

Maybe I can actually drive the B again...LOL!

dave lackey

Dave - For a really easy to follow color coded wiring diagram for your MGB, go to the Advance Auto Wire web sit Click on Stock Schematics and print out the one for the year of your MGB (better yet, download the whole pdf file, take it to Kinkos and have them print out the schematic full size size, I think it is 14 X 17 and laminate it). For information, this is a site that should be watched as Dan Masters is working on similiar schematics for all MGs. I sent him original schematics for all the T series and pre war cars to work his magic on. Cheers - dave
David DuBois

That is absolutely too COOOL!!!

Got it and will do what you suggested...thanks a million...and to think after all these years and 4 MGB's later...woohoo!

Octagonally stoked,

dave lackey

To be fair, I doubt that any of the circuit diagrams will tell you which wire goes to which spade on the pump, as the pump spades aren't labelled :o) But that *is* correct.
Paul Hunt 2


WOW!! Thanks Dave
Phil Mcneil

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