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Today i purchased a Lumenition Magnetronic ignition system.I am not sure where i can connect the red wire.My car is a 1978 gt with a ballast resistor.The instructions say the red wire must be connected to the ignition switch side of the restior. Do i connect the red wire to the ignition switch. The fuse box by the coil or the direct to the coil. Has any body fitted fitted a Lumenition system to a rubber bumper gt. Any help with wiring i am very grateful.Thanks Dennis.

You could just connect your new red wire to the white wire for the fuel pump, it is in the jumble of connections just behind the coil where the harness from the rear of the car meets the main harness.
John H


reread instuctions as im not sure they work on ballast resist systems
Ste Brown

They *will* work on ballasted systems, which is why the instructions say to connect the red wire to what is effectively the unballasted ignition supply if you have a ballasted system. Strictly speaking the supply to the fuel pump isn't same as the ignition, as the former is fed from the ignition relay and the latter direct from the ignition switch (UK cars are different to American). Where the fuel pump comes off the main harness at a 4-way bullet connector and there is a spare 'hole' then that would be the easiest place to connect it, but late model UK cars already have four wires there, I think. Failing that terminate the red in a piggy-back spade connector (, which has a female to fit onto a spade on the fusebox, displacing the single spade that is there, then that single slots onto a male spade on the back of the piggy-back (hence the name). I'd also advise soldering the red to the piggy-back, using a high-power iron to minimise run-back of both solder and insulation, and put an inch or so of heat-shrink over the connector and wire afterwards. Don't use Scotchlok connectors, they are not very reliable.
Paul Hunt

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