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MG MGB Technical - Early Clutch master cylinder

My 1963 Pull handle B needs a new Clutch master cylinder . As the Original AHH 6553 is not available is the Later cylinder OK to use? Or does anybody know any old stock anywhere , the replacment looks too modern, but if i have to fit , will it work ok .

Thanks Roy
R Mcknight

Roy - Check e-bay for a used MC that is rebuildable. Start with this site Cheers - Dave
David DuBois

By 'later cylinder', do you mean plastic?

There are often NOS metal master cylinders on ebay.
Dave O'Neill 2


I have seen people fit the metal round version but i dont know what car they are from.

You may have to go to an autojumble like newark and match one up as theres a bloke in one of the units that sells new metal ones but not the square type as they are hens teeth.

Ste Brown

All B clutch master cylinders will fit an early B. The difference came in '68, when the dual stage brake master cylinder was introduced. This required the clutch MC to be canted to allow for the larger brake MC. However, I think that your question is about the new cylinders that have a plastic reservoir. As mentioned, some dealers probably still have some NOS metal reservoir MCs in stock. Failing that, there's always Evil-Bay. RAY
rjm RAY

Thanks for the info , found one via the MGauctionwatch , Ebay link Looks correct , probably repro but looks the part . Thanks all ...Roy
R Mcknight

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