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MG MGB Technical - Early engine in late car

We are dropping a complete 67 engine into a 79 car, we will be using the water pump off the 79, the carbs will be twin HS4s, the header will be LCB performance, dizzy will be 25D.

Emissions system will be gone completely, except maybe for the carbon canisters.

I am putting together an order of gaskets etc that I will need but just in case I am forgetting something what is involved in putting an early engine in a late car?

Also, assuming twin SUs, 8.7:1 CR and K&N filters, what needles will I need? I have done this before but can't remember what I fitted.
The Wiz

Use staple. staple is better for this to stiching carburretor to the back of fire.
Yoram Shevach

You will need the motor mount adapter plates from the later motor to the early one (left and right). You will need the front plate on the motor for the adapter plates to bolt to. If using the later transmission you will need that transmission adapter plate from the late motor to the early one and you will need the flywheel from the later motor to the early one to accomodate the later starter. Some early motors had two sets of holes on the dizzy side of the block for the generator or altenator mount. You may have to replace the spigot bushing in the back of the crankshaft, but I would check them against each other first. I believe that's about it.

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Yoram Shevach

Perhaps Yoram is correct...use staple.


In case you need a flywheel from a later (4 syncro transmission) car for your conversion, I need the smaller diameter one from a early 1967 (3 syncro transmission) engine and will swap with you. The one I have is ready to bolt on and needs no machining.

Depending where on earth you are, shipping could be expensive.

If interested, contact me off board at:

Steve Brandt

Isn't there some difference between the engine with respect to an oil drilling in the block? Seem to remember a round on the LH side of the block the extened into the newer engine mount with the older block. Seem to recall it can be ground for clearance.

Dunno, probably the Alzheimers kicking in
greg fast

Wiz, you're probably going to run #6 needles depending on the cam and head. Drop me an email and I'll hook you up with a performance dizzy to match your setup!
Jeff Schlemmer

Thanks Jeff but this is going to be a stock early 5 main engine, no performance mods at all, apart from the K&Ns and exhaust manifold.
The Wiz

You must change thermostat. Put new sensor in thermostate tomake car prevent stall and seize of engine. My mercedes that is stink like of dog hasd new thermostate which I demand of person that is fixing the car when I am angered by my car.
Yoram Shevach

It was nice not having Yoram around for the past few years
william fox

William, It is, however, nice to see you back again. Les
Les Bengtson

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HI Wiz - have just done the same on the carbs in our 67 roadster - the needles you will need are #6 for HS4's or AAA / AAB (better) for HIF 4's

Good luck
Paul Hoath

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