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MG MGB Technical - Early Packaway Hoods

Does anyone have a colour code similar to that used to paint the hood frame & tonneau sticks used with an early packaway hood?
Thank you.
G.E Blanthorne

Early packaway hood frames and tonneau sticks were black painted. ( Checked on a 63 B )

The frames on my 66 B were gray.In the Original mgb book page 55 Clausager states "The hood frames for both the early types of hood were painted gray" .I painted mine 12 years ago with some gray spray paint which has held up well.Hope this is of some help.
Tony Shoviak

I concur...pack-away hood frames were grey. (in fact, the hood frame on my 1969 MGC is grey.)

rick ingram

My '65 tonneau bars were grey from new.
Steve Simmons

Thanks for all replies - concensus appears to be grey.
G.E Blanthorne


A colour close to a "shiny" primer grey or "shiny" gunmetal grey would be very close to original.

rick ingram

Powdercoat colour 'Post Office Grey'
Ian Buckley

I have seen a frame painted in a Humbrol model enamel that looked very close. Mine have never been touched by a paint brush since being hurled into the boot in Dec 66 and are grey ,where the paint still survives.
S Best

In the US the Krylon Grey works very well.
carl w french 1

It seems that the earliest reply is from a 63 black, jump two years to 65 grey multiple latter replies all grey,I'd like to ask Renou if the paint looks original the 62s and 63s seem to have more then a few oddities. Ric
R E L Lloyd

My 62 has a grey frame, never been repainted. If a 63 had a black frame, I suspect that it has been repainted. Grey is the color.
Emmanuel Kafant

My car is 1963 and I have owned it since 1968, definitely gray.
Ian Buckley

Sorry for the latency but I had to go away during this last week.
Yes, I must confirm that for very early B's ( 62-64) the packaway top frames were black painted as I mentionned it for a 63B. But mine 64 B, the folding hood frame is pale grey from factory as everybody confirm it. I guess there was a different colour scheme between the two systems. I hope this reply helps you. Regards.

Thanks guys,
The colour I have tried is a grey primer which is close!! but it is matt.I am thinking of a grey Hammerite - any further thoughts?
G.E Blanthorne

Smoothrite, not Hammerite.
Paul Hunt

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