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MG MGB Technical - Easy-fit spark plug

Passed on to me by a pal


A plug to "die" for!!!!!
Allan Reeling

How much torque needs to be used when fitting that plug? Cheers - Dave
DW DuBois

Interesting, I didn't know Federal Mogul owned Champion 'the blunder plug' (apologies to aficionados).
Peter Burgess Tuning

Not bought Champion for years ever since they changed the external ribbing on the insulator from a curved profile to a flat-topped and sides. I broke three out of four taking them out for a routine check and that was despite taking what I thought was extreme care after the first one broke, never having broken one before or since. I did note in that image they seem to have gone back to the curved profile again.

Yet another reason to use NGK.
Dave O'Neill 2

That's a great idea. Weld-in sparking plugs: Rather than having the chore of taking out four separate plugs for maintenance, just replace the cylinder head as a complete assembly each time you service the car. I hope they've had the sense to patent it.
Peter Allen

¿Hecho en México? Aparentemente sí.
Glenn Mallory

Perhaps they will get the patent like Lucas did for the short circiut.


79 MGB
gary hansen

Ah, the old Lucas jokes. An American correspondent sent me a sticker showing the three positions for a Lucas headlamp switch OFF - FLICKER - DIM.
Mike Howlett

Joseph Lucas The Prince of Darkness!

Funnily enough I've always found pre-70s Lucas electrics in cars pretty reliable, compared with other European stuff at that time. However, their motorcycle components weren't always the best, although in fairness they had to operate in a harsh environment (vibration, damp etc).
Peter Allen

Peter and Michael: In all fairness to the Lucas electrics, most of my issues,in the end, were due mainly in part to the age of the connectors, work done by previous PO's, as well as my own lack of knowledge.

The best one was the wire going to the left headlamp no longer conducted electricity, hence no illumination. IIRC it was a blue wire.

Next was failure to start due my battery (mfg'd December 2000) died after "13 years" of service back in 10/2013. It's replacement packed up just 2 months ago.

Coming back to Champion spark plugs, my then new 1971 VW Super Beetle came factory equipped with Bosch plugs. After a tune up, not satisfied with the performance, I spoke to a fellow VW owner who put me to Champions vs. Bosch. Changed over to Champions and got the sought after performance.

The MGB runs better on NGK's vs. Champions. So it goes.


79 MGB
gary hansen

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