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MG MGB Technical - EGO sensor and lead additives

I have a little kitset that allows me to monitor the A/F ratio using an EGO in the exhaust. These can't be used with leaded petrol though since the lead poisons the sensor. You can't actually get leaded petrol in NZ anymore so I use a lead substitute mixed with the fuel (I use Castrol Valvemaster). Will this additive also poison the sensor?

Simon Jansen

it might be wise to call the maker of the kit and find out from them if it might damage the sensor or not.
CJD Dark

We haven't had leaded petrol in the US in since 1996, and only miniscule amounts of lead previous to that. (In 1973, US fuel had 2-3 grams of lead per gal; by 1995, that figure was down to 0.1 g/gal. And you have to love a coutry where you can get such mixed measures as "grams per gallon!" ;-) I've never known anyone who had a failure related to the absence of lead in their fuel. My vote would be to use the sensor and forget the additive....

My 2
Rob Edwards

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