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MG MGB Technical - Electrical Switches UK vs. US

I have a RHD UK-spec 1973 MGB. Can anyone please tell me if the directional signal/high beam/headlamp flasher switch, the wiper/OD/horn switch, the ignition switch and the instrument voltage stabilizer are interchangeable with US-spec parts?

Also, the fuel guage is very erratic. Shows a bit more than it really displaces in the tank. Is this a symptom of a bad sender, a bad voltage stabilizer or a gauge that needs calibrating?

Tom Balutis

Hi Tom,

The UK part numbers are:

Directional signal/high beam/headlight flasher switch 37H8101 fits GHN/D5 360301 to GHN/D 41000

Wiper/OD/horn switch (seems confused in reference books) might be BHA5251

Ignition switch 37H7708 original chrome bumper - replacement switch 37H54934

Voltage stabilizer BHA4602 all years

Your local MG parts supplier (or Moss USA) might be able to recognise these numbers.

Hope this helps

P L Hills

Much, much obliged, Peter. Thank you.

Tom Balutis

This thread was discussed on 25/08/2005

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