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MG MGB Technical - Electronic fuel pump


I'm tired of messing around with the points fuel pump.

I replaced the points and moving mechanism but, it was good for only 2 more weeks. I was left stranded once again by lack of fuel flow...

Anyway, will you recomend an electronic fuel pump. The ones that use the same bracket and same fittings?

Any known maladies?
Any cautions to be aware of?

Valter >99 VVC & '73 BGT<

You must be doing it wrong, I've cleaned the points on three now that have either failed due to spiking or lack of use (oxydisation) and they have all been fine afterwards. You have to reset the throw of the points at the same time. Do it right and they should be good for 30-40k at least.

The first one I did was a failed pump I had taken off one car, and fitted to another when I got fed up with the pointless pump on that short-stroking and causing fuel starvation!

If you insist on getting a pointless, two I am aware of use the same mounting and fittings - an SU (i.e. original manufacturer) and a much cheaper Moprod copy. This last should be avoided as it has a plastic body which can crack.
Paul Hunt 2010

Valter - As Paul suggests, the SU all electronic pumps have established a good reputation, look and sound the same as the points style pump (they are in fact the same pump, but with an electronic control circuit in place of the points. Also, in keeping with Paul's statement about the replacement points not being adjusted properly in your pump, I agree. If you want to try again, e-mail me at and I'll send you an adjustment and assembly instruction sheet from the factory that will probably get your pump working properly. Cheers - Dave
David DuBois

Valter, I replaced my fuel pump on my 1979 MGB with an SU electronic unit some seven years ago. It fits just like the original and connects up the same. I have had no problems with it what so ever.


79 mgb
gary hansen

Thanks a lot for your inputs.

David, I will e-mail you. To be honest I adjust the points by trial and error. It seemed fine at the beginning but I had no manual or instructions to guide me.

Valter >99 VVC & '73 BGT<

Ah, there you go then. 'Poke and hope' was never a good method, although I'm sure most of us have done it at one time or another. The MGB may be pretty basic engineering, but the manuals are still very useful if not essential.
Paul Hunt 2010

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