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MG MGB Technical - Electronic Ignition in a '74.5 MGBGT

Wanting to replace my stock distributor with an electronic distributor in my stock '74.5 MGB GT, 4 cylyner. Feedback as to what I should get (Dist)and comments from those that have done this, Please.

JW Colson

Am in middle of the do. Although pricey, the DUI-123 looks provacative.Cheer Vic
vem myers

change your distributor with a aldon (re mapped lucas)if you have a standard engine go for the aldon 101by2 vacume advance.aldon do a lovely little simple unit which replaces the points and can be changed by the road side in mins.ive tried a few electronic ignition systems including the crane xr 600 its very complicated and needs ballast recistors amps and all sorts of gizzmos .im no mechanic but i have never looked back it runs like a modern car. the advice was given to me while haveing work done a couple of years ago at a mg engine specialist peter burgess . get on to the aldon web site .thanks daren

Daren. Can you give me the web site URL? Thanks, guys!
JW Colson

what is url thanks

web address for aldon. Thanks!
JW Colson

JW: Your stock distributor should be a Lucas 45d4 or a 25d4 if somone has changed it. Check out Jeff can rebuild your dizzy and add a pertronix Ignitor very reasonably to convert it to an electronic distributor.
John Perkins


Holy wa!

I've seen or heard anything from you since MG2004 in Washington, DC!

Glad to hear you're still around!

riok and jean ingram
st.joseph, il
past chairman - NAMGBR
white 1978 MGB
rick ingram

JW - I second the suggestion by John Perkins to get in touch with Jeff at Advanced Distributors. His rates are very reasonable, and he tailors the distributor's advance curve to your car - head, carb(s), etc.

Rick Stevens

John, It doesn't matter if yuo ahev the 25D or 45D, its much cheaper to get your dizzy rebuilt and add electronic igniton (such as the Pertronix) to it than to buy an Aldon or 123. You'll be VERY, VERY happy with the performance recurve I can do for no extra charge too!
Jeff Schlemmer
Aldon Automotive Online Shop - Performance in Engineering

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