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MG MGB Technical - Electronic Ignition - Maintenance?

While I was doing something else today, I noticed a black box, about 4x6 inches, with fins, mounted on the back of my radiator shroud. I traced a wire from it, and it goes to the distributor. I assume it is part of the electronic ignition for my 76B. I also assume that it is aftermarket.

My question - is there anything I would need to do to a distributor outfitted with this gizmo as maintenance? My car is running fine and I don't have any play in the distributor shaft, so this is just a maintenance question.

Thank you!

John English

You need to periodically remove the rotor and oil the shaft - a couple of drops on the screw revealed beneath the rotor. It's not a bad idea to figure out what electronic system you have, so you can scare up troubleshooting info before you need it!
FR Millmore

Keep it clean, keep it dry, and avoid vibration, especially in the wiring. It's probably a Lumenition with those fins.
John H Twist

Hi John.

If your distributor has conventional points you probably have a 'Transistor Assisted Contacts' system.
These are good, but the points do need changing as the heel of the moving contact wears.

If there is an optical or magnetic pickup under the distributor cap you are all electronic.
Optical types do benefit from an occasional gentle clean as dirt can 'blind' the optical system.

In either case the usual moving parts would benefit from a light lube.


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