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MG MGB Technical - Emerald Fuel Injection

Does anyone have firsthand knowledge on this rig? Sounds like a well thought, fairly priced nuevo. Cheers, Vic
vem myers

From the volumnous, overwhelming response, I guess Emerald has little following. I'm still just curious what guys are doing to fit EFI on other than the ZS changeup. Cheers, Vic
vem myers

Just a bit OTT for MGs I think - a type site would be a better bet for opinions as it's usually seen in heavily modified/turbo engines. I know of it only from magazine articles, so can't vouch for it. Megasquirt/Megajolt is the (very) DIY budget option and I've heard of it used on a few MGs successfully.
Steve Postins

Vic, I didn't see you start this thread. Emerald has a very good reputation over here for use on more modern modified engines.

With an MGB you have the problem of batch injection and siamesed ports. In fact siameesed ports can even give you a problem with sequential injection. As a result there is a very low take up among classic MG enthusiasts. However, people who tune K series engines, as used in the MGF and saloons, will often favour Emerald.

Having said that there is a project on the Emerald web site that deals with the issues in fitting it to an A series midget.

Think Megasquirt with out the DIY bit and full vendor support. The man behind Emerald, Dave Walker, has written a very good book about engine management systems published by Haynes. It comes with an Emerald demo CD.
David Witham


There is this place for EFI.


Jean Guy Catford

Still me,

There is a Co. named total advance that I could not find now. But I found for TR6:

Jean Guy Catford

This is a test
I have not been able to put several MGB EFI links on this thread. Any ideas why?
werner haussmann

Try these:

This one has comments on Emerald;
werner haussmann

This forum does not seem to like a link that ends in .pdf from Moss. Here is the non-pdf MOSS link.

There are others as well. I picked a few of interest to MGB's above.

You can do a search on (for this works better than Google) using MGB fuel injection for more links.
werner haussmann

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