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MG MGB Technical - Engine clip/head fixings


I am in the final stages of reassembling my mgb engine (1800cc standard engine).

However the haynes manual suggests there should be a pipe clip fitted to the rear cylinder head fixing bolt. However this wasn't on the engine when i dismantled it. Can anyone confirm what this pipe is? Does anyone have a photo of it?

Many thanks for your help.
Alex Davies

Depends on the year of the car - early ones had a metal vacuum pipe that was supported in a clip on the rear stud.

Personally, I would never fit any soft metal clip under the head nut on a stud - hardened washers only. If a clip needs fitting then use a longer stud and trap the clip under a second nut above the head nut.
Chris at Octarine Services

The pipe was for the vacuum advance. It contained a fuel separator so that fumes didn't reach the rubber diaphragm and cause it to deteriorate. RAY
rjm RAY

Thanks for your help.

I do agree it doesn't seem good practice to fit the clip under the head nut. With regard to age, my car is a 1971 mgb roadster, should it have this vacuum advance pipe?
If so i am thinking of rerouting the pipe somewhere else. does anyone have a photo of how it should look?

many thanks
Alex Davies

Only the 3 synchro - up to 67 - had the metal pipe.

Your car should have a plastic pipe that goes over the rocker box.
Chris at Octarine Services

Mine is lying around in my spares bin somewhere. I took it off many years ago when I switched to a Mallory dual point distributor that did not use vacuum advance. I'm now running a GM based HEI system that also doesn't use vacuum advance, but that's with a supercharger system. On a stock car, the vacuum advance will increase fuel economy and slightly increase performance. RAY
rjm RAY

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