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MG MGB Technical - Engine does not turn over

Tried starting my MG B this morning, ignition light comes on but when I turn the key there is nothing from the engine doesn't even turn over.

Anyone have any ideas?


David Ranson

Flat battetry, faulty earth ?? Do the headlamps remain on when you turn the key if not it is definitely one of these.
Iain MacKintosh

Faulty solenoid? High resistance due to corrosion on battety terminals?
Stan Best

From you description I assume that everything else is working normally, but when you turn the key the starter does not engage?

I would check the wiring at the starter. Could just be dirty contacts or one of the spade connectors could have ratttled loose.

I would also check the ignition relay.

Is the fuel pump turning on? how about the guages?


Possible causes:
motor is siezed,
faulty starter and/or solenoid,
ignition switch,
faulty wiring and/or connections,
weak battery,

Had a similar problem myself.It was an irritating intermittant fault,tracked down to apitted solenoid switch.Once replaced the problem vanished.Good luck.
pete collins

When you turn the key to crank does the ignition warning light dim right down? Dim very slightly? Ot not at all? Are there any clicks or clunks when you turn the key?

If no dim and no clicks then the white/red circuit between the ignition switch and the relay (on 70 and later models, always give the year of the car) is probably the cause. Could be a bad switich, relay, or connections between them.

If no dim with a click from the relay (by the fusebox) the relay is operating but not passing 12v on the white/brown down to the solenoid - relay, solenoid or again connections.

If a slight dim and a click the relay could be powering the solenoid but it is failing to operate.

If a slight dim and a clonk from the solenoid the solenoid contacts or motor brushes or windings are the likely cause.

If the light dims right down either the battery is flat, there are bad connections in the main battery and earth cables, or the starter is jammed.
Paul Hunt 2

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