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MG MGB Technical - engine identification

I have a 1972 MGBGT(GHD5-297279G) ,it has areplacement engine painted gold (? gold seal) no.48G733ES91248. I am trying to indentify this
engine which I think should be an 18V. Can anyone tell me how to do so as the number does not convey anything to me.
W Wilkinson

It is a Gold Seal engine - 48G 733 Gold Seals were a replacement for the 18V 582 and 18V 780 engines and is correct for the car.
Chris at Octarine Services

I could use your help in identifiying an 1800 B series engine also. (sorry to barge in on someone elses post).

I have a 1979 MGB. I am sure the engine is not the original one to the car. I have been told that the 1800 B series engine was used in other applications besides MGB.

The engine ID # affixed to the engine in the usual place is "DBL230E 52802" The color of the engine is blue. As far as I can tell this is the original color of the engine it does not appear to have ever been repainted. I have looked at the circular casting date on the block (hard to see) but it appears to have been produced in 1975.

I have owned this car for 15 years and do not have any knowledge of it's history prior to my ownership. Best I can tell it was probably a Canadian import. As it only has one electric fan.

I am just very curious about this engine. Any help you could give me would be very appreciated.

I was at least wondering if you could give a list of what other cars or applications the 1800 B series engine was used in. Have you ever seen a blue one?
Also the valve (rocker) cover has no breather tube.

Thanks for any light you can shed on this case.
John Fraioli
John F


All I can say is that it was reconditioned at some time and given that number - it doesn't fit with the factory numbering system. It is not unusual to completely strip the engine of all paint and repaint it when reconditioning.

The list of applications is:

Model cc Prefix BHP/RPM Torque

Austin A40 Devon 1200 BP12M 40/4500 58lb/ft
Austin A40 Somerset 1200 BP12M 42/4500 58
Austin A40 Sports 1200 BP12M 42/4500 58
Austin A40 Sports 1200 BP12M 46/4500 58
Austin A40 Cambridge 1200 BP12M 42/4500 58
Morris Cowely series 1 1200 BP12M 40/4500 58
Austin Metropolitan 1200 1200 BP12M 42/4500 58
Austin Metropolitan 1500 1489 BP15M 52/4500 70
Nash Metrpolitan 1500 1489 15F ( USA only) 52/4500 70
Massey Harris combined harvester 1200 1HLC 40/4500 50
Morris Oxford series 2 1489 BP15MH 50/4500 70
Morris Oxford series 2 1489 BP15ML 45/4500 65 (LC)
Morris Cowely series 2 1489 BP15M 50/4500 70
Morris Oxford series 3 1489 15M 55/4500 72
Morris Oxford series 4 1489 15M 55/4500 72
Wolseley 15/50 1489 BP15W 50/4500 70
Wolseley 15/50 1489 15AMW 55/4500 72
Wolseley 1500 Mk1 1489 BP15LAW 50/4500 70
Wolseley 1500 Mk2 1489 15W, 15WA 55/4500 72
Riley 1.5 Mk1 1489 15R, 15RA 60/4800 77
Riley 1.5 Mk2 1489 15RB 66/5200 82
M.G. Magnette ZA 1489 BP15GA 60/4800 77
M.G. Magnette ZA & ZB 1489 BP15GC,15GC 68/5200 82
M.G. MGA 1489 BP15GB,15GB 68/5200 82
M.G. MGA 1489 15GD 72/5500 85
M.G. MGA 1600 1588 16GA 80/5600 87
mga twin cam 1588 BC16GB 108/6700
Austin/Morris 1/2ton, ) 1489 BP15ML, )
van,pick up, ) 15AC, VS15C ) 50/4200 74 (LC)
Diesel Engine 1489 BP15J,15Y,15J,15Z 40/4200 90
Austin A50 Cambridge 1489 1H 50/4500 70
Austin A55 Cambridge 1489 15 55/4500 72
Austin A55 Mk2 Camb. 1489 15AMW 55/4500 82
Morris Oxford series 5 1489 15AMW 55/4500 82
Wolseley 15/60 1489 15AMW 55/4500 82
Riley 4/68 1489 15RA, 15RB, 68/5200 85
M.G. Magnette Mk3 1489 15GE 66/5200 85
Morris Oxford series 6 1622 16AMW, 16AA 61/4500 90
Austin A60 Cambridge 1622 16AMW, 16AA 61/4500 90
Wolseley 16/60 1622 16AMW,16AA 61/4500 90
M.G. Magnette Mk4 1622 16GE, 16GF 68/5200 89
Riley 4/72 1622 16RA,16GF 72/5500 90
M.G. MGA 1600 Mk2 1622 16GC 90/5500 97
A60 commercials 1622 16AC,16AE 61/4500 90
Farinas with alternators, 1622 16C (1971 only) 61/4500 90
BMC 1/2 ton van 1622 16AD 61/4500 90
Sherpa van 1622 16V 58/4500 82 (LC)
Sherpa van 1798 18V 80/5000 85 (LC)
Morris Marina 1800 1798 18V 85/5000 90
Morris Marina 1800TC 1798 18V 95/5400 110
Austin 1800 Mk1 1798 18C,18AMW 80/5000 90
Morris 1800 Mk1 1798 18C,18AMW 80/5000 90
Wolseley 18/85 1798 18C,18AMW 80/5000 90
all 1800 Mk2 1789 18C 86/5300 92
all 1800 Mk3 1798 18H 86/5300 95
Austin 1800S 1798 18H 96/5400 106
M.G. MGB (3 mainbearings) 1798 18G,18GA 95/5400 110
M.G. MGB* (5 mainbearings) 1798 18GB,18GD,18GG,
18GK, & 18V 95/5400 110
(power down to 84bhp by 1975 for USA.)
Hundustani 1489 ? 50/4200 74
Navigator Marine 1489 ? 42/4200 60
Navigator Marine 1622 ? 58/4500 85
Chris at Octarine Services

Thanks Chris for your imput. That sounds like a good explination. I was hoping to hear a more definitive answer. I have owned this car 15 years and that engine ID tag has always been a mystery to me.

That is quite an impressive list of "B" series engine vehicle applications.

Since my block is stamped "1800" I guess I can assume at least theorectically that it could be out of any of the vehicles on the list from the.. Sherpa 1798 on down to the MGB (5 main bearing). I am pretty sure it is not a 3 main bearing. I still think it is probably around a 1975 engine. As a matter of fact. I have another clue to add. The distributer number is 45D4 41599 E. According to Paul Hunt's web site that dizzy was used on US '74-75 and Canadian '74-76 models. As I stated earlier I am pretty sure my car was a Canandian Import because of the single electric cooling fan.

One of these days I think I will contact the British Heritage have them send me one of their research certificates. The only think I know for sure is the car itself was manufactured in June of 1978 according to the plate on the door jam.

Thanks again,
John Fraioli
John F

Coincidence? Or possible a very special car? 7 DBL and 8 DBL were factory cars that competed at Le Mans in 63 to 65.

Clausager indicates that two cooling fans were fitted to all North American spec cars, UK 4-cylinder cars only had one. Canada definitely got the rest of the emissions kit, with the exception of the catalyst, so should also have had a rocker cover with a port on the back. Again UK cars didn't have this.

The distributor isn't much of a clue as any can be fitted to any MGB engine, and many are now not original.

Even the plate(s) can be faked, and North American cars of that era should have three (bonnet lock panel, dash top and left-hand door shut-pillar) with the chassis number on. Clausager also indicates that the chassis number should have been stamped into the top of the chassis rail by the starter motor, although I don't think I've ever heard of anyone finding this.
Paul Hunt 2

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