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MG MGB Technical - Engine Numbers ??


Back again.1 more question.I just bought a MGBGT 1975 Jubilee edition.It has a gold seal engine fitted.i have checked out the engine numbers,but on the same plate there is HD stamped under the engine number.Dose any body know what they mean?.

Also on the front there is a commision plate with a number,what was this used for?.

Thanks again Mitch

I think my gold seal engine plate also has HD or similar but don't have it to hand to confirm. It is tempting to think that it might be something to do with high compression but unlike the original engines gold seal seem to have used different prefixes for high and low. Maybe it is factory code for where they were rebuilt.

Clausager indicates the Commission number was pretty meaningless, and the numbers were only recorded by the factory for a relatively short period. There was also a body number plate painted body colour. Clausager doesn't give this explanation but personally I reckon that the body plant constructed the body and attached and recorded the body number, the trimming plant fitted out the body and attached and recorded the commission number, and Abingdon installed the engine and power train and fitted and recorded the chassis number. Remember Abingdon only did final assembly, fully trimmed bodies were transported to the factory from places like Swindon and Cowley.

Paul Hunt 2

Pressed Steel made bare bodies - BMC bodies branch (later Cowley) painted and fitted screen & hood - Abingdon did all the rest including trimming.

The body number was fitted by Pressed steel but the commission number & chassis number were fitted by Abingdon.

I also believe that the engine number was fitted by BMC engines branch who delivered the engine & gearbox as a complete unit.
Chris at Octarine Services


Would be interested to know if you know the car number of your Jubilee (ie does it have the dashboard badge?).

There is a group on yahoo for Jubilee and it woul dbe interesting to get a list together of owners, the MG Car Club has a register for the Jubilee models also.

It is reputed that there are only approx 200 or so Jubilee left so hopefully it will appreciate in the coming years.

car no: 150.
A I McGee

Hi All,

Thanks for the information.

Andrew the number is 303,Had a restoration about 10 years or so.but needs more work.Have you done any mods to yours?.Thinking of lowering it to improve handling.Looking for a good kit?.Fiting Electronic Ignition System/kenlow fan etc.



Sorry I forgot to add the link to the Yahoo Group

Modifications: no not yet, although like you I'd like to lower it. Apparently you need to change the whole front cross member if you want sensible geometry, so that'll be a job for later. Also planning to take the steel (or rust) out of the bumpers and replace it with Aluminium - a friend did this on his race B and swap the bonnet for an ally one, just to get the weight down a touch. I previously owned another Jubilee BC (Before Children) and found the overdrive stalk a real pain, so I was thinking of changing it to a later gear top switch. Electronic ignition, I think that will be a yes after the last weekends fire in my midget (see lighting strikes on the Midget BBS), root cause of this was the condenser.

My Jubilee was rescued from a barn at the beginning of this year and will hopefully hit the road on December 1 (some unexpected welding required to get it through the MOT). From there on in it will be a rolling project, I've become tired on new cars having warranty issues and I am going to try to use the B as an everyday car, may as well spend 3 grand a year on that as loose it on a new vehicle..... wishful thinking on my part, probably.


A I McGee

my b came to us with engine #18V 584Z L2912
, any way to find out exactly the year and type car it came from, and the original carbs?
thx, john

John , The 584Z relates to a N.American B from '71. I'm sure soemone will be able comment on the carbs, but I'm guessing HS4 SUs.
Steve Postins

Thx, I know the 18 is cc's V is vertical, an Z was Calif. specs, my guess on the carbs is also HS4 1 1/2". Our B is 70's model with a 71 engine then.
We're having a slight(?) tuning prob. with it.
The thread is under 'emissions gone', so as not to change the subjest on this thread.


What is the chassis number of your Jubilee? Do you know the build date?

I am trying to narrow down the range of number for my car which was built early on in the Jubilee cars.
Chris at Octarine Services

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