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MG MGB Technical - Engine oil type - Supercharged / stressed engine

Hi all,

In getting prepared to have a dyno run to set up my MGB supercharged engine (car is a 1930's special)several of the dyno technicians queried the type of engine oil I was using. Strangely most of them strongly suggested that I use Penrite HPR40 (SAE 25W-70)which they felt would afford better performance and protection for a stressed supercharged engine. So now I am in a quandary as the engine is run in and I have just changed the running in oil to Duckhams 20W/50. Does anyone have any similar experiences or advice?
PS for you EDIS users I will post my MAP once the car is dyno tuned.
J Harle

On my supercharged 1500 I am running Pennzoil 20-50 with 20% Lucas oil addititive. This was recommended by our local mg specialists for engine longevity, not necessarily for the blown engine. I do find that the Lucal makes the engine turn over considerably slower when cold, but now that spring is here it should be easier.
Only time will tell how well this works out!
Or maybe not as I have a replacement 1800 in the works.

Rich McKIe

The problem with mineral oils are that they are not shear stable, so your 25W70 will be 25W50 in a 1000miles, the Duckhams will be a 20W40.

Cold flow is not so good but then Penrite is an Oz oil.
Paul Wiley

This thread was discussed on 01/04/2007

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