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MG MGB Technical - engine out - cam change?

I shall be taking my engine and gearbox out over the winter to solve some oil leaks (rear engine seal/ front gearbox seal and oil seeping from the head gasket). I'm contemplating fitting a Peter Burgess head along with an HR270 cam. If my budget doesn't quite run to the head this year, am I ok to fit the camshaft to my stock engine with stock head? Then fit the head next year.

On the subject of the PB heads does anyone know what is the difference between the Econotune head and the fast road head? The performance gain figures on PB's website look similar.
Steve Church

Have you seen the very nice big valve head he has on offer on his website ..........., might be worth looking at that :)

Hi Rach,
I'm not sure I want to go quite that far. It would need upgraded carburation to gain maximum benefit. I also don't want to loose the flexibility at the bottom end that a 285 cam would compromise. I guess I'm not as power hungry as you!!!
Steve Church

The econotune is the head the factory should have fitted. Its probably a better choice for a road car. The Big valve one is still very useable on the street but economy suffers when you are off the cam. Talk to Peter who may recomend different cams for these heads, the 270 may be a bit more than the econotune needs.
Stan Best

The 270 cam is only slightly hotter than the stock unit. There should be no problem with keeping it streetable or it working with the stock head. I've been running a 285 cam for almost 20 years and I've never noticed any loss of power at the low end. RAY
rjm RAY

Hi Stan- I've been running a Burgess supplied P-285, with his BVFR head for about 10 years. The car runs like hot snot. Yes, it is a bit lethargic at 12-1600 rpm ( but who cares??how long do you stay there!), but comes on like a train at 2800, pulling to 6800 RPM if I'm not looking. This urban legend about the "lumpy" idle is balderdash or worse. My Mauve car idles steady at 750 RPM with advance set at 14* with a Jeff Schlemmer pertronix recurved dizzy. I used 3* advance key, and Harlan 1.55:1 cheapo rollers. The 1.5 SU were more than the 1800 ever needed, although I've been assured 1.75 with a Magnaflow manifold is worth 3-7 equestrinos mid to hi rev. vem
vem myers

Lol Steve and we know what power hungry ends up like! Actually, I don't like hairy cams on road cars as I hate the not being able to idle in traffic jams ....!

I think I asked this before, but don't recal a answer.Can one change a cam while engine still in the car? Mike
J.M. Doust

Hi Mike

Yes you can change the cam, easier on rubber bumpers as tou can remove the front pulley without lifting the engine off its mounts.

On the odd occasion we have to drop the sump and oil pump to ease the cam out whether chrome or rubber bumper.

P Burgess

Thanks for that last addition to the thread Peter. Mike
J.M. Doust

Hey Steve,

I have a brand new Peter Burgess fast road head for sale if you are interested.

J Miller

Can you email me on steve.church314 at gmail dot com. I may be interested.
Steve Church

J Miller- I'm interested. Cuanto? Vic
vem myers

LOL - I was gonna but in and ask that, but I was too scared of Steve's new power hungry phase will mean that he'll beat me when I try and run away! :)

Did you get an engine hoist by the way?

A deal has been struck. It was just too good an opportunity to miss. Thank you Jon.

I've not acquired a hoist yet. It's as cheap to buy as it is to rent (40 for the weekend and I'll need it twice) so I'm waiting for another VAT free offer at Machinemart.

Power hungry Rach? Just working up an appetite!!

Steve Church

LOL - don't blame you!

Aha - that's alot, hopefully they will have one soon (very soon)

Well, you know what happens when you get too greedy .... mind you, I'm still gonna put that supercharger on mine :) It is looking like it might get up'd to being done before Primerose at the moment.

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