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MG MGB Technical - Engine rebuilders

Any suggestions or recommendations for an engine rebuilder in the West Midlands? I need someone who can do checks and take measurements on my factory V8 to find out what needs doing, as well as doing it.

I've always used Coventry Boring and Metalling
Dave O'Neill 2

Looks promising, thanks for that.

Hi Paul
Cylinder Rebores do our cranks and rebores.
Peter Burgess Tuning

Thanks, pondering several options now.

Mine was rebuilt by Real Steel in London ( Apparently they are one of the few people in the UK who can balance a V8 crankshaft. I was very pleased with the quality of their work even though it was a pest having to transport the engine 450 miles. They provided graphical charts from the balancing machine to show how out of balance it was, and the result after they had done their work. We have an excellent engine builder here in Scotland (Agra Engineering) but even they can't balance a V8.
Mike Howlett

A little closer to home, Wilkinson Dynamic Balancing used to balance cranks for TVR.
Dave O'Neill 2

My father used Coventry Metaling and Boring to sort a Triumph Dolly (sorry) cylinder head and the service was great. This was in 1981-2. Much may have changed in the interim.
Richard Thompson

I originally took my midget engine to Coventry metal and boring and the service was disgusting with rude unhelpful staff -

I was then advised by a friend who runs a very high end restoration company not to use them as the standard cost and quality is not what it once was - even though they are in very close distance to Cov metal they won't go there -

I was instead advised to go to Coventry classic engines and spoke to Keith - the service there was fantastic - no fancy websites but a good quality service at very good price

I've since had 3 engines built there

1 73 midget with Kent cam
1 69 pre production prototype Sprite press car
And most recently I took my 71 mgb engine - the spec they built it to is amazing

1860 rebore
New oil pump
Piper 285 cam
Lightened and balanced flywheel crank clutch
Unleaded cylinder head - large valve flowed and ported !
In 2 weeks !!!!

Cracking engine ! I can't recomend them enough!
I'd avoid Cov metal and boring from all the advice I recieved - even speaking to ex staff they advised me to stay clear
richard weaver

Ah well, I've followed another recommendation from elsewhere, we shall see.

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